React, Google Text-to-Speech, Google Translate, Firebase Platform, Chakra UI, OAuth2.


React, Gatsby, SASS, GraphQL, GraphCMS.

About Me

I'm a Front-End developer (Current Title: Software Engineer, Front End @ NewRocket, LLC). I'm inquisitive by nature, and love to explore and geek out over technology, programming, art and design. These interests have been the key inspirations and motivations in my professional life. My past work experience includes graphic/web design and technical theatre.

I value candor, cooperation and inclusivity. If you're a small dedicated team that thrives on communication and researching unexpected possibilities, we would work well together. I can go from big ideas down to little details, giving everything that last little bit of pragmatic polish. I love to work alongside established teams: learning, contributing and creating amazing products.

I'm self-taught as hell and tool agnostic. I'm prone to use the right tools for the job, even if I have to invent them. Recent technologies I've picked up include React, Storybook, Gatsby, Netlify CLI, Google Firebase. To put it shortly, I've learned how to learn and apply it everyday, I can juggle multiple projects and stay cool under pressure, all the while thinking of and creating new ways to work more efficiently.

Portrait of Dwaine Best